Creating a watchlist in Python

I’ve created a watchlist of specific stocks I want to trade. The program is supposed to loop through various socks in the watchlist and make a trade once my conditions are met. Here is what I have for the watch list:

from import TradingClient

from import MarketOrderRequest

from import OrderSide, TimeInForce

import requests

import pandas as pd

from config import *

Establish a connection to the Alpaca broker API

trading_client = TradingClient(API_KEY, SECRET_KEY, paper=True)

Create a list of stock symbols to trade

symbols = [‘TSLA’, ‘AAPL’, AMZN, ‘NFLX’, ‘META’]

Add the symbols to the Alpaca watchlist

watchlist_name = “My Watchlist”

for symbol in symbols:

trading_client.add_to_watchlist(watchlist_name, symbol)

However, I am getting an errror that states, “AttributeError: ‘TradingClient’ object has no attribute ‘add_to_watchlist’. Did you mean: ‘create_watchlist’?”

Where can I find information on creating a watchlist with Alpaca. I did not see any in the documentation.