Unable to complete Onfido Flow Beta Test during sign up


Not using a language - haven’t got that far yet.

Alpaca SDK Version
Not using an sdk - haven’t got that far yet.

Other Environment Details


In the “Onfido Flow Beta Test” part of sign up, it tells me to open a link on my phone, which I did. Unfortunately it’s a link to what appears to be a blank page so I’m unable to proceed, seeing as this step isn’t optional and provides no troubleshooting.

Paper or Live Tradng?
Haven’t got that far yet.

Example Code

Other info

  • I’m in the UK.
  • Using an Android phone (Huawei) running Android 10.

Still no replies after almost a week. Just tried again and the same issue is still there, preventing me from signing up to Alpaca. I think the fact that you have an issue in live preventing you from getting new customers along with the complete lack of support tells me all I need to know about Alpaca. I’m just sorry I wasted my time.