Twitter Bot: Win-Win or Donate

Check out the crowd-sourcing, profit-sharing, stock-picking Twitter bot game I created: Win-Win or Donate.

How it works:

  • Anyone can pick a stock by tweeting @ me with “Buy: StockSymbol”.
  • The tweet with the most likes each day is purchased ($500 worth).
  • A month later it is sold.
  • They get 25% of profits.
  • If it loses value, they are on the honor system to donate the loss amount to an awesome cause of their choice.

It automatically tweets the state of the portfolio on a regular basis.

Try it out by making a buy tweet. Suggestions for improving it are appreciated.

Only been running for about a month, but it has generated $277 in donations to great causes and given me a 6.7% ROI. Not trying to make a lot of money on this; just a fun hobby project.