High Frequency Trading Bot For Crypto

Hello there,
I found this website really interesting after lot of deep searching on internet, I found a program here that you might know, but a friend tried it and it does not look like working.HFT-like Trading Algorithm in 300 Lines of Code You Can Run Now | by Hitoshi Harada | Automation Generation | Medium
The idea of using the imbalance flow between buy and sale orders in the market book is something that really looks so efficient to make sure we get the most probable direction of the price within a very short time (milisecond scalping).
I’m engineer now trying to live as a trader because I want to spend more time for my passions especially making music, anyway I tried lot of different trading bot for crypto which are connected to my API on binance but I never been really satisfied by what is available on the market. I found them a way too depending on the market state, especially when we are in bull market, we can get some quite good result but when some dip appear or bear market phase happen, the overall results is really not profitable at all !
Therefore, I am really convinced that the HFT can give a good way to make profit at each market phase by doing long or short on very little time scale. I tried to get some program from a friend working as a mathematician doing models for finance in a big international bank but for confidentiality reason he could not help me getting some piece of programm of their HFT bot.
So people here, please, is anyone who can share any HFT or a good level piece of program which I can implement and maybe try to improve to make something as profitable as the professional HFT bot of big bank, I mean something that would work in any market phase.
Thanks for your help.

For crypto you can play with hummingbot but to be profitable is very very difficult…
Currently i’m having good profits with ftx+frostybot+trading view with jack rabbit strategies and i’m tasting them on alpaca as well.

Thanks for your reply ! Gonna check this out.
Ok, I’m currently installing freqtrade (https://www.freqtrade.io/)
I will see how it goes. If you try it also, let me know how it goes.

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It’s a very cool project but there is not yet support for DCA (but they are working on it). Witout DCA it’s much more difficult to be profitable.


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