Trailing Stop doesn't seem to be working

I had a 2% trail on RNGR with a HWM of 2.61. Sale doesn’t seem to have triggered until the price hit 2.51, and even then it was at 2.51 for a while before the sale went through.

Anyone have any info? Maybe I’m misunderstanding how the new feature was designed? Maybe I found a bug?

This could very well be a problem of volume and have nothing to do with the trailing stop. RNGR has an average volume of 16.62k which is incredibly low. When the trailing stop triggered, there may not have been any buyers in range.

That is a totally fair point that I had not considered @DMick.

I’ll have to look into some of that, but I still think there are some bugs that need to be worked out. I kept running some things with trailing stops and the sells seem to not be triggered correctly, or at least slowly. I checked a few other orders and the volumes were in the millions (which I consider enough that a sell should happen fairly quickly).

That being said, I should have been clear that I’m working in the paper trading section with this, and as I keep finding issues, might explain some of the unexpected behavior.

I’m seeing the same thing with AMC. The HWM is $3.88 and with a trail of 15%, I’d expect the stop to trigger at $3.29. The stock price is currently $3.15 and the volume is already 5-6 million for the day. Is there some other reason trailing stops could not be working?