Error while setting trailing stop loss: "trail_price must be <= 25% of the stock price"

Apologies if I put this in the wrong topic, I’m new here!

Earlier today, I noticed this error:

{“code”:42210000,“message”:“trail_price must be <= 25% of the stock price”}

The relevant stock price was $193 and I was attempting to set a trailing stop loss at $190.

I noticed on this article that the trail percent can be set at 1.0%, which would seemingly contradict the limitation above (quote from the article below):

  • percentage value (trail_percent: string a percent value away from the highest water mark. If you set this to 1.0 for a sell trailing stop, the stop price is always hwm * 0.99.)

I know this is the percentage, but still - hwm * 0.99 is definitely far more than 25% of the stock’s current price.

Is this a limitation due to not having a pro subscription? Or is there some other limitation I am missing?

Thank you!

EDIT: I figured this out, see below

I ended up figuring this out. It was a silly error: when I was setting $190 for the trail_price, I should have been setting $3 (the trail price is how close the trailing stop follows, NOT the stop price). That way, $193 would have to fall to $190 for the trailing stops to sell which was my intention!