Suspicious buy and sell


I did first code to buy 10 "apple " stock in my paper accout. then after, it was sold immediately by some one. Then onwards, Buying and selling of crypto are happening without my activites. Watchlist are changed.

I reset the account. The crypto buy & sell activities started immediately. I changed password, I reset again, several time regenerated API key. nothing worked out. suspicious acitivites continous more than 22 days.

I contacted Alpaca susport. ver very worst support. They could not solve it. But each time asked, Is it ok now, is it ok now?. Then they closed the ticket 10 days ago without solving… I am keep writing no answer.

buying & selling source is not alpaca key., instead it is always the same “d7ef5a1d8c6952b08cea58e1a97e6b6c”

Can anyone help me?
Now the Qus is: how can we trust the alpaca ?