Stream Stops sending LTCUSD, instead sends Price Indication Error


I’m running into an issue where my I wont get price updates for LTCUSD any longer. It runs just fine but then, I start seeing updates from Alpaca that look like below:

status {‘T’: ‘s’, ‘S’: ‘JCPI’, ‘sc’: ‘5’, ‘sm’: ‘Price Indication’, ‘rc’: ‘’, ‘rm’: ‘’, ‘t’: Timestamp(seconds=1649682745, nanoseconds=33498000), ‘z’: ‘B’}

Every now and then I’ll get one or two price updates, but these are never for the current time either. I have about a 20 minute delay in the data I do receive.

I also checked the server status and everything is reporting operational. Does anyone know what this error means or why my stream would have stopped sending LTCUSD? I need this to update at least every 5 minutes, and its been down for hours. Its detrimental to my application.

After receiving a resume message from the Market Data stream, I immediately started to get LTCUSD updates again. Could someone elaborate what could have happened? I don’t know what “Price Indication” means, or what causes this “Resume” message to be sent.

Since its coming from the API, I’m assuming it was some outage, or I got temporarily locked out somehow. Although, I also don’t see an outage reported on the Alpaca Status page.


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Could you send the link again, it seems to have expired.