Significant delay in market streaming data ( live + paper )

I am talking about a delay of more than an hour.
I’ve tried authenticating web-socket with both live keys and paper trading keys and I do get authorized in both cases, I get the streams as well and while the stream frequency seems solid, the delay is extravagant.

I wonder if this is on purpose for non-funded accounts.
For what its worth, I’ve come back to alpaca after a long time when I had initially opened the account but did not fund it because of integration issues between my bank and alpaca. My live trading account was closed for whatever reason. In any case, I am still able to authorize to web-socket using both live and paper trading keys, albeit the stream is super delayed.

Any thoughts what going on here and how can I rectify this?

YES! I’m getting the exact same issue!!! Comparing epoch time of Alpaca websocket Trades and Quotes to actual time (accounting for timezone), I’m getting at least 20 minute delay!!! Today I got a full 2 hour delay! Thank god I’m using a paper trading account! Otherwise I would have lost a lot of REAL money. This is extremely frustrating !!

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Indeed, it was two hours worth of delay yesterday. Did not try it today. Hoping to get some official communication from Alpaca soon.

I’m hoping for some response from Alpaca soon as well!! This is a very serious issue. How can anyone trade using bad data! I’ve been flipping out the past week trying fix what I thought was bugs in my code to get it to work, but apparently, it’s been this issue all along!

TRY to LIMIT YOU’re REQUEST (something like 45 PER MIN).

I get a 22 minute delay with a basic get_barset call…

barset= self.api.get_barset( ‘DIA’, ‘1Min’, limit = 18 )

All my script were running good and now it’s useless.

Was this ever answered? I am seeing random delays screwing up algorithms (thankfully in paper account), and making all data unreliable.