Paper trading does not have real time data

Hello Alpaca,

I deployed my algorithm, but looks like the paper trade data is not real time.
Does the paper trade have the same read time data?
Even with the real money account, looks like the stock data is not updated as fast as other brokers
I use my TD Ameritrade and Interactive Broker to compare the data output using the api.


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Which data stream are you using? Alpaca’s v1 market data consists of 5 exchanges and thus does not have 100% market coverage, so it won’t be as accurate as Polygon’s data or Alpaca’s v2 market data (which will release this weekend).

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Hello Peter,

Yeah probably v1 data. I compared the data from Alpaca with TD Amertride api real time, looks like the v1 data is delayed (maybe mins?). which worries me about if I send a real order, the delay may cause issue.

Also I am little worried about the routings

Thank you for your suggestion, I will wait and see v2 data performance.


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