Trade Stream Issues

I’m new to Alpaca, and I’m having some issues with the trade stream.

First, sometimes I’m placing or canceling orders, and my bot is not receiving a signal that a new order was made or that an order was canceled. This happens infrequently, but it does happen, and I need the order stream to report events with 100% reliability. Important to note that I have thus far only been running my bot on paper trading. Has anyone else had this problem?

Second, sometimes there’s a bit of a lag between the time I send an order and when it gets reported back to me on the order stream. I had a similar problem when I was on TD Ameritrade, and when I called customer service, I was informed that they had two different account modes, and that I could improve the account updating lag if I requested some backend features be disabled. I made the request, and the account updating lag was drastically improved. Does anyone know whether there exists a similar situation at Alpaca?

Thanks in advance!