So its been a few weeks

A few weeks ago I was going to be posting my official release around the 15th as noted in my last update link below. but as life is not always that simple we end up with some speed bumps… ill explain

The past few weeks have been nothing but hell, my girlfriend soon to be fiance ended up getting a cluster of kidney stones emergency surgically removed the producer is called a PCNL and when the stones become an objection to the kidney the person goes into hydronephrosis, so she had to spend a little more then a week with a tube in her back draining and to think i was born with one kidney

Well ill be posting an update with new links to the production version of the development, ive added some new functionality first off i rebuilt it in php 7 i added an emulator so you can expect what it will do before you put it into production i also added a mobile app ill keep you posted. i also have a plan to stream the choices (Buy/Sell) it makes on a website soon if its something of interest