The world is getting a little bit better

ive been waiting a long time

finviz has an api now, ive been pushing them to do this for a while

alpaca has a priority api that im 100% willing to pay for (i just wish the 99$ price point comes down a bit)

ive moved my project over to a windows os and will be discussing the out come soon

ill be updating every on here with my progress, also i think i might be the first one to make a reprogrammable drag and drop interface in php for this so i might make it open source at some point again

I have the paid version of finviz, their API only consist on 1 call every 60seconds of the screener. 2 call in a minute and the API replies with a warning and no data, and you can get blocked.

Good thing I only need one call at the open getting all their database and mine the data from the CSV file.
You can probably do this with Tradingview screener too, and is cheaper.

I you don’t mind the delay you can use finviz or tradingview screeners for free with a little bit of web scrapping.