Shareworks by Morgan Stanley / Solium; Brokerage Account


The company I work for is offering stock at a 10% discount to employees via this site.

There’s an option to connect a brokerage account, but I have no clue how to do it, the form is asking for various data regarding the Brokerage firm.

Clearing Code, Clearing Code Memo, Brokerage Firm, Account Number (I suspect this should be my Alpaca account number), Account Currency, Brokerage Contact Name, (Phone, Fax, Email optional), Address.

Do you have any experience with this site or with something similar?

Disclaimer: I’m a n00b to investing and stocks.

What you are describing is an ESPP (employee stock purchase plan) managed by Shareworks / Solium.

My previous employer had one and here’s how it worked:

  1. sign up for the ESPP via your company’s HR
  2. a fixed amount is taken from each of your pay, and invested in your company’s stock (this is managed by your company/shareworks/solium)
  3. you can confirm on your pay slip that part of your pay has gone toward your ESPP
  4. you can confirm on shareworks/solium website that you now own your company’s stock.

I suggest you talk to HR.