Account opened by broker

I’m from India. My broker IndMoney uses Alpaca as a broker partner for trading in US stocks. I already have account for a few months and trading everyday. My question is - how can I use API with the account already created by my broker? I signed up today but it seems opening a new account itself instead of integrating it with my already Alpaca account.

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Even I am also confused. There is no mention in INDMoney about ALPACA. INDMoney has only mentioned about DRIVEWEALTH.

Has there been any update on this?
I also just joined INDMoney and see my US Stock Account is powered by Alpaca. I thought INDMoney works with DriveWealth only.

I have the same concern here, when I went to Alpaca, it asked me to create a new account and there was no option to link my existing Alpaca account which was created by IND Money.
Does anyone know how this works?

Sir, I have requested for opening separate account with Alpaca using my PAN. Hope this action will give access to my old Alpaca account which has already opened with INDMoney.

hi guys.

we got many tickets asking about this
all the account under alpaca’s partner (such us indwealth) will not be able to access the same account using alpaca platform. if you want to use alpaca API, means you have to register it from our registration page.

thank you