How to fund an account through the API?

Hi, I’m looking at the API docs and can’t find a way to enable users to fund their accounts.

The only info I could find is to do it through the Alpaca’s UI. Also saw you use Plaid, wich we are already using, is it possible to use the credentials we get to fund the user’s account so the user doesn’t have to authenticate their bank twice (we use the user’s bank account for other purposes within our mobile app).

Thanks in advance!


There currently isn’t an API for funding an account. The only way to do this is through the web portal as noted. There is a feature request to support this and also to support reoccurring withdrawals and deposits. No details on if or when those will be implemented but they are on our ‘features’ list.

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Thanks for the reply! Any updates on this?

The broker API isn’t intended for individual traders. Funding an individual account still needs to be done through the web interface.