Need instructions for doing wire transfer from ETrade

As I do not have a bank account in US, I have to transfer money in local currency from my country which after getting converted to USD, gets added to my account.
I use INDMoney to take care of the transfer.

Lately the option to transfer is not working so I was exploring other ways to initiate the transfer.
One way I am thinking of is using the proceeds of a sale from my etrade account and doing a wire-transfer.

I have two questions related to this

  1. Etrade asks for an escrow account number. How should we get that?
  2. Would any amount transferred via wire-transfer be visible in INDMoney or would it not appear in that app and I have create a different account to use that?

@meanewone If you have an IndMoney account (and not a direct Alpaca account) you will need to work with their support team. Every broker partner does deposits/withdrawals a bit differently and is responsible for their customer support.

If you have a direct Alpaca account then contact They will be able to help with account specific issues better than here in the forums.

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Can I open an account directly with Alpaca now and merge it with what I have with INDMoney?

@meanewone Accounts at different broker partners are completely separate and cannot be ‘merged’ or otherwise have transactions move between them. It is exactly like having an account at ETrade and Robinhood. Those accounts are managed by two separate brokers and cannot be co-mingled.