How to see/validate Account Holding when using a partner app (IndMoney)

I got my Alpaca account opened by IndMoney app to enable me to trade US securities from India. Recently, I purchased purchased some securities which I wanted to validate.

Can you let me know the process for same? I already created an alpaca account using the same email ID which indmoney has used on alpaca for my account but it seems it is not linked. Is there any way to link the alpaca broker account number which I see in Indmoney app to this account? Or any other way to validate the holdings from alpaca directly?

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I would also like to know this. Could someone help with this?

Found an answer to this here

@meanewone The answer above is correct. If you open an account with IndMoney (or any other of the Alpaca broker partners) then they are responsible for all account access and support. One cannot use the Alpaca APIs or dashboard to access an account unless it was opened directly with Alpaca. Behind the scenes, accounts are ‘keyed’ with an email plus the broker. For example if one opens an account directly with Alpaca, the account would be If one then opened an account with another broker partner, the account would be Internally, the two accounts are distinct.

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