Sell Blocked "Pattern Day Trading Protection"

I am trying to liquidate my position and keep getting this error. I don’t believe I’ve crossed into this threshold. Can someone from support please take a look at my account and help me out with this one?

@hitoshi I saw where you had helped another user with this same issue.

Anyone?! This is really affecting my trading. You are essentially holding my money hostage. I can’t sell out of the stocks I already have leverage in.

Do you plan to make up the difference from the loss?

@hitoshi @Jason_Bohne_Alpaca

@tut35711 I’m having similar issues and I’m assuming you are using the API and if so then under your account info there is a setting called IsDayPatternTrader and this is set to true.

Also you could check your account settings for your live account and there is a Day Trade Buying Power Check and I believe the default is Block on entry but you could have that set for either Block on Exit or both