RemoteDisconnected Error

Every once in a while when I am running my code in python 3.8.3 I get the following error when trying to obtain equity information from my paper account or sometimes when I try to cancel orders. I have been running this same code for days and it has never thrown this error till today: (‘Connection aborted.’, RemoteDisconnected(‘Remote end closed connection without response’)) What does this exactly mean? Does it mean that my Internet connection is not good enough to connect to the alpaca servers or is it something from alpaca’s end causing this error. This error gets thrown every once in a while (every 20-30 min)

Another seemingly unrelated problem that I have seen today is that when I place a limit buy order higher than the current price of a stock it sometimes can take 20 seconds to fill, which does not make sense. It should fill within a couple seconds right?

These issues are all on the paper account and only have seen this problem today, not on any other day

most likely your sending to many request.