Exception has occurred: ConnectTimeout HTTPSConnectionPool

This error started today and it seems others have had this issue in the past but there was no resolution other than 'temporary issue". Is there a resolution to this?

Exception has occurred: ConnectTimeout

HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘paper-api.alpaca.markets’, port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /v2/positions (Caused by ConnectTimeoutError(<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x000002508212F8B0>, ‘Connection to paper-api.alpaca.markets timed out. (connect timeout=None)’))

Like all other times, it resolved on its own which makes me think this is an issue on Alpaca server side. I hope Alpaca addresses this.

Seems tied to ticker somehow. Another clue for Alpaca team.
Worked without any issue with ACLS but MGM throws this error.

I am trying out these values in Alpaca REST to see if allowing more time and more retries to get the data helps somehow:


I was also facing the problem on /v2/positions end point in my live account. In my case it was on SMCI ticker. Coincidentally I had updated my algo just a day before and was looking for problem in my update which I just couldn’t find.

I see the issue with /v2/positions as well. This morning I saw that call to get latest 1 minute candle took about 70 retries before a successful response. Retries are set for 5 seconds intervals.
Alpaca servers are probably overwhelmed by the API calls or they are throttling these responses. Either way, it is a problem.

Seem like I am having a similar issue. No code changes and suddenly it’s not longer working with this error. What end up happening for you?

Next morning, 1 call works, I get the data. Second call… this timeout… anyone at Alpaca have any feedback?