PTD on paper account

in general, it does not make much sense to have PDT-pattern day trader- restriction on paper account.
and why do I have this PDT error when I have $96K balance on the paper account?

more importantly, does Alpaca enough safeguards on real accounts for PDT?

look in the settings

yes, I do.

Account Configuration
"Day Trade Buying Power Check
Block on Entry "
is marked for me.

even so,
any entry/or exit must not be blocked if I have balance >25K.
PTD is applicable to only those with less than $25K balance/equity/cash.

@TEKNECI Are you still getting this error today?

One thing to clarify, in a live account, one may still want to enable the PDT protections even if the equity is above $25k. Once an account has been flagged PDT it cannot be reversed. What this means is if the account ever drops below $25k it will be restricted to liquidate only if it has been flagged PDT. If one plans to always have $25k in an account this isn’t an issue. However, if there is a chance the account can drop below $25k be careful about being flagged PDT.

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yes, the error is still there.
again the thing I cannot understand is paper account has balance >$25K,
so why PDT is active?

The dialog is a bit intimidating, but it’s just informational. Simply click submit.