Prices stuck in portfolio

The prices are not moving stuck the orders are going at market.

Anyone else seeing this?

I’m getting some API outage with Polygon, too (this morning). Was solid for about a week and now, I’m not getting any streams. Getting status connect ok, but realtime aggregation isn’t coming in.

To debug a bit, I tried subscribing to A.SPY instead of AM.SPY. I started getting ticks, but they were much much less frequent than normal (irratic gaps of up to 10 seconds). During normal trading hours, usually, ticks are flying through. When I switch back to AM.SPY, I’m getting no minute bars.

Yes looks like that is the issue. Seems to be resolved now.

Yes, I’m ok now, too. But there was some intermittent flakiness.

I was getting double one minute aggregate bars (with different data) for a few minutes.

Now, it looks good. This is a bit scary, especially for automated systems - I hope they can make the realtime Polygon streaming more rebust.

To start, at least put a realtime Polygon Status Monitor on the website.