PDT applied on 3 turns in 5 days?

I limited myself to 3 turns (i.e., orders with matching sells), one was two buys (50%/50%) & one sell (100%) in the last 5 days. I can’t liquidate my current position due to PDT. The reference link provided in the pop-up fails → https://alpaca.markets/docs/orders/pdt-protection/ with “404 page not found”

I’ve added additional funds to the account to reach the $25k requirement - but it appears it will take 3 days before they are applied.

Can the PDT restriction please be removed from my account?

P.S. I noticed that some orders were broken up into multiple buys/sells under “Account Activities”. For example on Buy Order for 500 shares was split up into 100+100+300 Buys. Is this what triggered PDT?

Thank you and best regards

I have tried again to liquidate the following day. PDT is still in effect. Can you provide any assistance?

FYI all to all. The problem is resolved. The following day I was able to go Account->Configuration and under “Account Configuration” reset the “Trade Suspended” setting to allow trading again. I was able to liquidate my position after doing so.

Best regards

Hi @nickmotor - sorry for the delay here!

Glad you got that sorted. For reference, info on PDT protection is available here: User Protections - Documentation | Alpaca