Paper trading orders not executing and disappearing

To start, I started over 100 orders through the paper trading API endpoint, and only about 45 orders are shown in the order history. However, buying power does update to show that the orders were submitted.

I started submitting orders sometime around 03/26/2022 02:30 PM and none of them are getting executed. The portfolio value is at $0.

I am submitting orders with the following python code

import alpaca_trade_api as tradeapi
paper_api.submit_order(symbol=s, notional=1, side='buy', type='market', time_in_force='day')

Also, the following never updates the buying power, which is probably an easy fix on my end, but may be a fixable limitation of alpaca_trade_api.

paper_account = paper_api.get_account()
print(f'${paper_account.buying_power} is now available as buying power.')

Is it possible I am ordering wrong or what?