Paper portfolio - cash issue again

All cash from paper portfolio simply disappeared. AGAIN!

I had 19 stocks in portfolio and $104,361.81 cash.

today I bought 298 HCA1 0.03.2021, 09:30:19 for $55,538.26

Cash on portfolio magically turned to 0$, whereas I should have $48,823.55.

Any explanation for it? I have other paper portfolio and there was no such issue.

Please fix it as it is impossible to test any idea with you and it really making me nervous to place real money with you. What if cash disappears from real accounts so easily too?

Paper account number: B5F1FABD.



Same thing happend to me. :frowning:

I have same issue. I have initiated with 100,000 on my paper account.
Portfolio value is around 47,000
Equity= $30,530.66 and Buying Power is $9700 which was $0.00 some minutes ago.

Why is the cash disappearing is the concern.

In the screenshot below, you can see the cursor pointing to the amount shown in the graph

You are correct that on chart the value of total equity seems to be OK (i.e. it includes cash). Yet, the trouble is when I ask about about equity tomorrow my algo will see no cash. And my buying power now equals only to stock held in portfolio - look at last chart effective buying power


Magic again

For me, it is an ongoing issue for months. I tryiedto raise it a while ago (Cash 'magically' being added to paper portfolio), but nada. It happens again today. I was holding no positions. My cash balance was 50415, and all of a sudden, it was 50000.

Is a shame that we don`t hear any feedbacks…