Cash disappeared from paper portfolio


Due to instability of paper portfolio enviroment, I had to reset the paper portfolio once again.

I started from scratch with 1M equity(cash) and 4M buying power. The only trades on the portfolio was buying some stocks for ~900k USD leaving 100k cash. Today all cash from paper portfolio disappeared, buying power equals stock held in portfolio.

Any explanation what happened?


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Happened to me as well!

An explanation would be very helpful.


I also woke up to an equity value of the stocks that sold this morning. My account had ~$30,250 in it as of last night (2/9), went to $0 this morning and once the stocks sold that I held overnight, equity went up to $1,235.32 (value of the stocks held). I have been trying to do some longer length testing of my algorithm, but anomalies like this keep happening. This is keeping me from opening a live account with fears of real money disappearing.

there’s a known bug for paper at the moment, i haven’t seen it effect my live account though

Happens to me every 2-3 days. Currently unable to test any trading models for more than 2 days and I need it to run for at least 3-4 weeks in order to do sensible analysis! Was notified by support that they are aware of issues with paper accounts. Hopefully these issues will be fixed sooner than later…

Now Buying Power is back and it is correct, but Cash is still missing, hence my equity is understated by amount of cash in the portfolio. As gerbotha noticed - it makes testing strategies impossible.

Same issue. Now we get ZeroDivisionError in automated tests… Paper Trading is key to make this whole thing work, cuz not only do we need to test our code (paper account #1) we need to test our algos (paper accounts 2-N)

Seems like Alpaca isn’t fit for this task and we’d be better off just manually storing our trades and prices in a database

i dont know about you, but hell no

Hahaha I must be a masochist because I already have it rolling