Cash 'magically' being added to paper portfolio


So, I read that some people are having issues where cash from paper portfolios disappeared.

Well, for me, it is xmas before time, because it has been two days in a row where cash appears (first day was 50k and yesterday, 10k). In fact, it is a false gift because I am not able to use that extra money for trading. For example, if I initially had 10K and then, get an extra 10 bonus cash, I am not able to buy for 20k. I still only have a 10k budget.

Regardless, that obviously crews up my stuff and gives me a perception of non-seriousness (maybe I am too old and grumpy…)


same here. Just happened to me mid-day while trading. started the day with 30,000, all of a sudden cash doubled to 60,000.

Seems like we should go elsewhere mate