Not able to access pylivetrader

Hi there,

was reading this article and trying to replicate the step by step process. I signup and created and account on Alpaca and got my security keys, still when trying to run the code in terminal I keep getting an error message “No module named ‘pylivetrader’” event though I installed with pip install pylivetrader. Am I missing a step here by any chance?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Can you show what you see when you run “pip list”? The error indicates you haven’t installed pylivetrader correctly, but without knowing the details I am not sure what went wrong.

Yes sure that’s the error I’m getting in both my terminal and in the Jupiter QtConsole after running pip install pylivetrader. Many thanks Hitoshi for your help this is really appreciated!


I see, so you are running on anaconda/python3.7 and it seems it’s failing some version requirements. There are a few posts recently about anaconda availability so we may need to look into it. Could you try anaconda/python3.6 in the mean time?