Live trading for European citizens

Hi guys!
Just to know if we can count on Alpaca for us, Europeans, to open a live account? For now, I can only test in paper trading mode a few simple algos with a minimum performance.
Happy New Year to all of you and Alpaca!


Have you gotten any answer/solution about Europeans being able to use 0-fee brokers such as Alpaca?

I would also be interested in knowing if Alpaca was to come to Europe and when, or otherwise how did you manage and through which institution have you decided to send your orders.



any update on this? I’d rather use Alpaca for it’s simplicity, but it’s not available…

I am from South Africa, but live trading is not available :frowning_face:

Hi Gautier,
Unfortunately, no. They are very protective of their market. But via other posts, I got the idea that you can if you open an account with a minimum of 30,000 Euros.
All the best!

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Hey @gelie @skyfold

More information concerning Non-US Resident Alpaca Users can be found on the following blog page.

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