Are non-US entitled to trade through Alpaca API now or not yet?

It’s not clear if non-US could trade through Alpaca or not at the moment.
In one location, it’s mentioned as it’s Beta with min of $30,0000
When it’ll be possible to open account for non-US with any amount (low as $5,000) & trade through the API.
What I mean by non-US is people in non-US nationality and are resident outside US in eligible countries. i.e. They could open account with any other broker but not with Alpha.

Hope to get a clear answer for this question?

Hi @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca , could anyone help to answer this inquiry?

Please Maged’s question is very important to many of us and it will welcome answers are provided as soon as possible. Is there a page in Alpaca website to find list of all non-US countries covered?

Could @Etienne_Brunet help in answering this question? It’s just Yes or No

I’m interested in this too.

Alpaca is still in a sort of ‘beta’ mode for onboarding non-US residents. There is still a $30,000 minimum equity requirement but this is definitely being discussed for possible changes in the near future.

Thank you @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca, I’ll check again in next months.

Does it mean that non-US resident could trade on condition equity is above $30,000 ?
Please confirm.
If it’s true on meeting above condition, what will be the commission using the API?
How to register, if registration process is blocked once you enter your residency country?

@Maged Currently non US residents are asked to fill out the 'Interest Indication’ form and we would reach out as there is availability. Trades are always commission free for both US and non-US residents.