Is Alpaca API available from United Arab Emirates?


I’ve been researching reliable API for algorithmic trading and was recommended to use Alpaca. Any chance i could use it from Dubai (United Arab Emirates)? I was about to purchase a course and its telling me that Its not available for people who reside out of the US. I just dont want to waste time and money in learning something that I know will not work.

Appreciate your answers :slight_smile:


what makes you think that they have limitations on their API tho ?
what kind of courses did you want to buy ? a course that teaches you how to use Alpaca API ?

Yes, a course that teaches the API. Do you know if Alpaca API works from UAE? At the beginning of the course, they have mentioned that Alpaca is only for US residents, but on the website, it mentions that it’s available in other regions. Some other resources mentioned that the minimum deposit for non-US residnets should be 30k USD (Which is rediculously high).

Are you working with Alpaca from UAE? If yes, did you have to deposit 30k USD?


I think your main goal is to develop a bot that trades on your behalf, whether you use alpaca or any other platform, in the end you just want a way to execute your trades. If you believe that you have already implemented a system that has good return then that’s great! If not, then I think you should not worry about this for now. Anyway, I think emailing them would answer all of your concerns.

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