Can i build application on top of alpaca API

Is it possible to build application for buying and selling stocks (like robinhood) with alpaca api? if so, what would be the requirements? is there anything i need to do before start building? i have same question for crypto

Hi Tesla_Solution,

  1. To start build your application, you just need to register an Aplaca account (verify it), get the API key & secret, and you are good to go!
  2. You should also spend some time to look at the Alpaca - Disclosures and Agreements Library docs.

API-first solutions for stocks and crypto | Alpaca Docs - Here’s the list APIs available to build your application. Have fun!

Thanks! i live outside US is there anything i need to provide except KYC? i heard that alpaca requires minimum deposit of 30K is that true?

Hi Tesla_Solution, we have lifted the $30,000 minimum deposit… now all non-US users to fund their accounts with as little as $1.

ref: Who can apply for an Alpaca brokerage account?