Alpaca as a non-US citizen

Dear Alpaca team,

As a non-US citizen, is it possible for me to deposit fund to Alpaca and start trading?

In Sweden where I am from we have special investment accounts that are exempt from capital tax but when I invest in the US I have to pay capital tax in Sweden. Therefore, I am wondering if you have any plans of expanding Alpaca to Europe and Sweden.

Best regards,

Hello Alpaca,

Same problem here, but from France.
Hope you’ll find a way to expand your business to Europe: looking forward to trade decently liquid US ETFs :slightly_smiling_face:


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Same here. Would be great if you can enable trading accounts for EU countries.

Have you tried recently?

Hi Hitoshi,
I have just checked it and it seems that many EU countries are already enabled (Sweden, France, Germany…), but for some reason Czech Republic not. If you have brokerage entity compliant with EU regulation on KYC, AML, etc., then you should be able to provide services in other EU countries as well.

Can you please verify that the issue is not just with the registration form you have linked?


Hi! Same request for Belgium and Romania would it be possible to add these two EU countries to the list?

Is it now possible to open an account for a citizen of the Netherlands?

Hi Hitoshi! It seems so, that for the Netherlands is possible. Will you add Belgium to the list anytime soon, (all the neighboring countries are now supported)?

I just got an account from the UK

I assume I am good to go with it.

Did you have to deposit $30 000 into your Alpaca account to be invited to live trading? I am from South Africa and that amount is a bit steep!! At the moment I only have access to the paper trading account ;-(

Would be possible to use the tradingview integration from the Netherlands once the live account is enabled??

There shouldn’t be any issues integrating with TradingView once one has a live account. Unless there are some TradingView terms which restrict access (which I am not aware of any) there won’t be any problems on the Alpaca side.

Same! I am also in France