Live Account Gone from Dash

Has anyone else had their live account disappear from their dash? I only have the paper account selection as of a couple days ago.


If one doesn’t have a Live account it will not appear in the drop down list. Was the Live account approved and funded? What can happen is a live account shows up while in the approval process. If an account doesn’t get approved within 90 days or so then the account is canceled and will not show up. Could that be the case?

If the Live account is active and funded then it should show up. If that’s the case, for account specific issues, especially if urgent, please send a note to the Alpaca support team at support@alpaca,markets. Ensure you include your account number and/or the email associated with the account so they can find it.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the quick response. I’m sure that’s exactly what happened. I had not funded it yet as I was doing all of my testing in the paper account first.

Does that mean I have to go to the account creation all over again? I don’t see a way to apply for a live account once logged in.

@Edward_Jump Go ahead and submit a request to the support team and ask if your account can be re-activated. They may have a way to do that without creating a whole new account. One downside of having a second account is you will need to supply a second unique email. I think our support team can help though. They are pretty resourceful.

Thanks, Dan!

Very quick and helpful as always. Much appreciated!