Issues reseting Equity and logging in to Paper account

Is anyone else having issues logging in and also resetting equity on my paper trading

Yes, I am. I just posted about this as well. Must be a problem on their end.

yeah, everything is dead. I hope they didn’t run off with everyone’s money.

seems to be back now

we MUST be told what just happened and how they will prevent that from happening again.

Everything should be back up and running. The issue stemmed from Alpaca loosing a feed to/from one of our execution partners. This backed up orders being sent to that venue. Our servers slowed down as they were waiting for responses from that venue. Not sure if it was a network problem or something on the execution partner side. Other brokers reported similar issues this morning.

While, this did not directly impact paper trading, as a precaution to get everything back up and running, the paper trade processes were restarted. This created connectivity issues for paper trading while those were starting.

Sorry for the inconvenience.