Internal Server Error and Dashboard White Screen


Windows 10 (personal computer), Python 3.9.2, alpaca_trade_api v2


I am having two problems.

First when I try to execute certain functions, for example get_account() i receive:
“requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url:
“ internal server error occurred”
But at the same time .get_position() still works fine.

Second the paper trading dashboard ( is showing a blank white screen. Paper Overview, Paper Positions, Paper Orders are all blank. But inside Paper Account → Activities I can see my last trades.

According to this post: Dashboard white screen only on 1 account “an invalid portfolio state generating an account error and causes a ‘white’ screen on login.” however I did not “liquidate fractional shares via the web portal by selecting the position and clicking ‘liquidate selected position’.” as mentioned in that post.
Perhaps something else is causing an invalid portfolie state?

Thank you for your help.

Paper or Live Tradng?
Paper Trading Account`

As you can see in this image, the trades are still shown in activities.

I contacted the support via E-Mail They helped fix my account. It was in an invalid portfolio state.

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