I didn't receive the dividend for LAUR

Dear Sir/Madam
I am running a business account with Alpaca now and I came across some issue with LAUR dividend.
I hold LAUR through the ex-dividend day on 11/1/2021 for their special dividend (see Laureate Education (LAUR) Declares $7.01 Special Dividend; 41.4% Yield). I have transaction record to show I have the stock before the ex-dividend day and sold it on the ex-dividend day. According to the regulation (Special Dividends: "Due Bill" Process | IB Knowledge Base. ), I should get the dividend.

However, i didn’t receive this dividend so far. Can someone help me to figure out what happened here? This caused my demo account to be underwater at the end of the year and I might loss some clients’ trust and future business.

Please help!

Wuxiang Trading LLC.

reach out to [them] at support@alpaca.markets . By law, [they] must have licensed representatives handle such brokerage-related issues and requests.