I am getting an error I dont understand `DISABLE_PENDING`

I am using C# and alpacas nuget package in a console app.

Here is the following test method

    public void BuyingPower_test_SunnyDay()
        var client = Environments.Paper.GetAlpacaTradingClient(new SecretKey("MY KEY", "MY VALUE"));
        var buyingPower = client.GetAccountAsync().Result;

The above throws the following error.

JsonSerializationException: Error converting value "DISABLE_PENDING" to type 
'Alpaca.Markets.AccountStatus'. Path 'status', line 1, position 103.

I have no idea what this means, theres nothing in the docs that mention the disable pending error.

@camerontbelt A few questions… Are you getting this message when working with a paper account? If so, did you recently reset your paper account? When resetting a paper account, one needs to regenerate new API keys and then ensure those new keys are used for subsequent API calls.

The old account (before being reset) is actually still there. Resetting simply creates a whole new paper account. The old account however is ‘disabled’ and cannot be updated or submitted orders etc. That may be the source of the error DISABLE_PENDING.

Got it, yes this was a paper account that was recently reset.

Try using the newly regenerated API keys. If you are still seeing issues let us know.