Get_last_quote not updating price data

Hey everyone! First time posting here so please let me know if this isn’t the right place.

Having trouble getting accurate information from get_last_quote. I am checking the bid price on a stock every 1 minute for 10 minutes and according to alpaca the bid price isn’t changing, other brokers (Think or Swim, Robinhood) are showing changing bid prices which are different from alpaca. For example, Alpaca for 10 straight minutes returns a bid price of $1.75, while RH, and ToS ranges from $1.73 - $2.34 over that same time period.

Any ideas or insights are appreciated!

Fixed using polygon.last_quote as suggested by a kind soul in the community slack.

Glad you were able to find a solution in Slack. That’s a great resource with a very engaged community of helpful members.

The get_last_quote method relies on data from IEX. IEX only reports data from major exchanges. Polygon, on the other hand, reports on data from a much broader set of market entities and therefore may update quote prices more often.

That said, more isn’t always better. The IEX bid data generally reflects the NBBO prices. The polygon data includes bid/ask data for odd lot orders on many small exchanges. Because different exchanges and execution venues handle odd lot orders in different ways, one’s order may not actually ever be matched to that bid/ask price. It’s really best to look at the quantity in the quote data. Unless the quantity is a multiple of 100 it generally isn’t included in the NBBO pricing which brokers are required to meet.

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