Polygon bid ask is way too low

When I compare the bid ask quote provided by Polygon to the api position current_price, the Polygon quote is way off. That’s 3.5% difference. Compared to another broker quote, the polygon quote is bullshit. This polygon quote is absolutely unusable and unreliable.
Community Slack doesn’t work. It just keeps asking me to verify by email.

api position GOLD 20.82
polygon GOLD 20.05 20.06

Are you talking about quotes that come from the web socket stream or the HTTP call to get a quote?

If this is the case, I’d guess it’s not really realtime. You need to be attached to the web socket and get the quote in realtime. For what I’ve tested that is VERY accurate about US Equities.

I also have not seen any issues with data quality from Polygon.

Are you still having issues? If you could provide more details about your connect type(s) then we could help more.