Polygon ticker api response detailed definition

(n00b alert) Where can I find the polygon ticker response detailed definition / documentation ?

While the API offer documentation it is very general and not going to the depth of each letter.

I.e. looking on the lastQuote, what is the difference between the two ‘P’?

'lastQuote': {   'P': 120.26,
                 'S': 4,
                 'p': 120.25,
                 's': 65,
                 't': 1602874139738472031},

Thanks for the help!

I’m seeing inconsistencies in polygon’s documentation as well.

Hi @007 you could see it in the polygon’s docs. e.g:



Thanks @Shlomik!

I see, so some api’s get the full break down and some don’t :smirk:

Next time i will know to browse them all!

Thanks again!

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