API last trade price is different from what shows in Alpaca Dashboard

Just as an example, the ACY last trade price is showing $15.40 in API, but Dashboard shows $13.86. Does anyone know why this is? It appears that $13.86 is the correct last traded price, so does anyone know why the API is showing the older previous last-traded price?

not competly sure about it, but there is a possibility most of the “last” X functions are not yet fully implemented to use the new data v2 API. I know lastQuote isnt fully implemented yet, might be the same for lastTrade which results in a delay of data or even empty data in response. Im currently using the workarround of using a seperate polygon.io subscribption for all data releveant tasks and alpaca only for order execution.

I’m using v1 API if that helps. So where is Alpaca getting their data on the dashboard? Is that coming from Polygon or some other source?

Just to give an update, I’m seeing this issue still. It’s like the API returns price that is different from the one shown on Dashboard. At this point I don’t know which one is more accurate and which one I should use. Kind of concerning that the prices seem to be derived from different sources?

I think last price and last quote isnt yet fully implemented and functioning in the new data api. I experienced the same issues and my workarround was a polygon.io subscription for price details and only use alpaca for execution.