Funds not appearing after international transfer


Last Friday I made a deposit of £500 using the international transfer option in the banking tab of my account.

I want to use this to test using algorithms created via one of the connected apps.

However, the funds are not appearing in my account. The alpaca support email has been no help. I have responded with documents of proof, but the agent closed the support ticket as they supposedly didn’t receive any of my responses!

I’m a little lost, and concerned that £500 cannot be accounted for.

Would appreciate help.

hi @Jtsmith93 , can you share the proof of bank transfer? e.g. screenshot of transfer or transaction details, etc.

i have not received an update from you earlier.

do reply via the email you attached, it will reopen the ticket.


Replying to the email seems to not work, I’ve replied a few times but it doesn’t seem they’re reaching your end?

In any case, currencycloud returned my deposit, I’m not sure why, but could be because I attempted to transfer GBP not USD.

I ave opened up a wisetransfer account in USD and have linked to Alpaca using the ACH option. I am trialling depositing a small amount via ACH to see if it works.

hi @Jtsmith93 , i am sorry, it did not reached me at Zendesk, which is why I replied with a no response.

I have received the screenshot from my colleague, let me check with the team in charge of Transfer, will share an update.