Equity vs graphed value in the browser GUI

Hi. I noticed that the equity value, which is displayed in the Overview tab of the browser GUI is lower than the graphed value underneath it (e.g. equity is $986,804.14, while the graphed value is $1,003,406.82). Any insight on what the graphed value is? And what is the difference between it and the equity value? Thanks!

The P&L value shown in the upper right of the browser GUI also doesn’t track with equity (or the graphed account value for that matter). E.g. the daily P&L in the picture above is positive, but equity / last_equity < 1. On the contrary, the graphed account value has moved up from the previous day but the relative increase does not match the shown P&L. I feel that this is the very basic functionality and it does not seem to work as expected. At this point I have no idea what my account value is and if I am losing money or making it.

Here’s another screenshot from today (please see below). The calculated account equity is going down from the previous day but the P&L and the graphed account value are up. Anyone knows what’s going on? This is confusing to a trader and erodes confidence in the whole system.


I would like to raise the same issue as this has not been responded to yet.


Agree something is off, but we haven’t been able to look into this due to other priorities. I just wanted point out the most likely the left top number is the correct one, and you can tell us the comparison with Account API response so that we can better understand the issue.

I have found a similar discrepancy (between Equity and historic P/L data using the API):

There is discrepancy in my portfolio history data i.e. if I sum the profit/loss for the last month, I get $6752. I started with $100k (paper trading) and now (after 1 month) the Equity shows $116k. So what is right? Where did they get the $116k from? Please check the data in my screenshot and let me know if it makes sense - how can I test my algorithm when I am totally unsure of the profit/loss it generates.