Portfolio history returns equity value inconsistent with dashboard

It seems like there may be a bug in the Portfolio History endpoint. The first graph below is of the equity values I get from calling get_portfolio_history, and yet my equity has never dipped below $105 (the dotted blue line). For today alone, my equity graph on the dashboard shows no dips below $106—and yet the last sections (from 108-134) of the equity as obtained from the Portfolio History endpoint are largely below $105. The equity value from calling get_account is correct. What’s more odd is that I’m able to get the values for today to match up if I add back in $2.077; doing so, however, throws off the values for the prior days.

I’ve seen other issues like this reported (e.g., this one), but all were from 2019-2021 and without adequate response, hence this new post. It does however look like someone raised this issue on GitHub in March of this year.

Not being able to track the value of my portfolio is a dealbreaker, so I hope I’m either missing something obvious, or the engineering team can address this bug.

To read the x axis on the above: today, 6/8, runs from 108 to 134; Tuesday runs from 81 to 107; and Monday runs from 54 to 80.