Make all the account values visible

What I mean is that for margin accounts, there’s a need to make account loan, interest, credit, debit, and SMA balances visible (either through API, browser GUI, or ideally both). This would help people track their margin costs, manage risk, and debug unexpected behavior in the account value and P&L calculations (e.g. here and here).

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Agree it’s still missing those information to display. Account loan is in Account API (“cash” field being negative) and we don’t provide SMA as of now yet, but novertheless that’s something we should incorporate over the time.

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Not sure if logically cash is always negative when borrowing. For example, one can generate cash through short sales but also borrow a lot on margin. In short, I believe the loan value is mostly linked to how much margin / leverage you use, not how much cash you have.

On a side note, I think having all the account values is important for debugging. I am hoping that having them would help make sense of the P&L and portfolio history reported by the API, which right now don’t add up.