Thursday Evening (April 14, 2022) I received an email with the subject line “Corrected 2021 IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT IS NOW AVAILABLE”

This morning (Friday April 15, 2022) I downloaded the latest tax documents uploaded to my account. The dates associated with the documents were April 9 & April 10.

The most recent 1099-B has different amounts than the original document (Upload date February 25, 2022). However, my confusion is that the new document does not have the “CORRECTED” checkbox marked, yet the email subject is saying these are corrected documents.

I can look into filing an Amended Return, but I think it will be problematic to base the amended return on a document that isn’t marked as ‘Corrected’

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Sending us corrected tax documents the week they’re due is honestly unacceptable. I also see the same unchecked corrected box but it was reported to the IRS. Thanks Alpaca


I got this too, but I’m suspicious of the new document. Comparing to my transaction history there are many sales missing. The old document lists those sales as I would expect. I suspect the new document is wrong. This kind of mistake is unacceptable. Need an explanation ASAP.

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I also got the email today, April 15th, in the morning about a corrected 1099-B. I got an email back in March about a corrected tax document that had all 1099-INT, 1099-B, and 1099-DIV. At the time, I hadn’t submitted my taxes, and I could enter the updated information. I already submitted my taxes this time, and the new “Corrected” 1099-B looks very different from the previous form sent in March and doesn’t include the other 1099 forms. Not to mention that the proceeds and cost or other basis amounts on this new 1099-B are significantly higher than the previous documents. In addition, it doesn’t have the “Corrected” box checked.

This is very frustrating! It would be nice if we could get an answer about this to confirm if this new “Corrected” document is accurate so that I can submit an amendment by the 18th.

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Has anyone figured out what is going on here? I am very confused and honestly have no idea how I am supposed to file an amendment by the 18th with what I’ve received.

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Seems to be silence from Alpaca so far on this one. Tried to contact them on Friday with no response.

Still no response from Alpaca…