2023 tax is still not ready!


My account (931191693) still flashes the message " 2023 Tax Update: Most 1099s are available now. A small portion of accounts are outstanding to ensure adjusted cost is correct. Please allow additional time for these to be uploaded before March 15, 2024 deadline. Thank you for your patience.",

But today is March 16, and my tax is still not ready!


@sonny8huang Check in the Account->Documents tab in the web UI. You should see a PDF document labeled tax_statement. If you do not see it, contact support@alpaca.markets. All statements should be available now.

I still don’t see it. Email them now

No respond from email, and still no tax document

Hi, @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca the support email has no responds and no progress for this issue!! Is there any way u can expedite this issue?


@sonny8huang I cannot really add any more than what support has done. That said, what is the support ticket number? I can see if there is any hold up.

They didn’t respond at all! No ticket!

@sonny8huang Ah, there should have been at least an automated response. Sometimes emails get caught in the spam folder. What is your email address. I can check.

Nope, I got the respond from last issue at 03/08 before, not this time! Any way u can create the support ticket on the behalf of me? (My account 931191693)

@sonny8huang What was that ticket number?

How can I create ticket?

@sonny8huang A new support ticket is created every time you send a new email to support@alpaca.markets.

I have sent several emails about this issue, no auto-respond email, no tickets, no responds and no resolutions! I appreciate everything you have done, but ur support system is broken!

@sonny8huang As mentioned, there can at times be emails that get stuck in the spam folder. If you have the ticket number of a response that you have received (which then I can get your email) or simply your email address I can check if that’s the issue.

I have checked my spam folder, no responses. my email address sonny_z_huang@yahoo.com

Tax statements finally came! Thx @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca !