Estimate on when 1099 tax forms be ready?

Any estimates on when 1099 tax forms will be ready? Been waiting to file until I get these… I remember them being uploaded pretty late last year too.


I am still waiting to receive mine as well. According to the email they sent on January 16th, all tax statements SHOULD be sent by March 15th. They have 4 days to meet that deadline.

Quote from that email:

“In previous years, if your account had a taxable event, you received your 1099 tax statement by February 15th, unless your account is on the holdback list. If your 1099 account is on the holdback list, you will receive your tax statement by March 15th. Please be advised for the tax year 2023, we may send all 1099s out by March 15th, 2024 to ensure accuracy of our newly supported cost basis data. Even though we filed for this 30 day customer statement extension, we know timeliness is an important factor to you in filing your annual tax return and we assure you we will do everything we can to make the tax statements available before March 15, 2024.”

The timing here is actually very important to me. I’m filing immigration paperwork for my wife, and USCIS requires us to have our 2023 tax returns included. If we can’t file the immigration forms before 4/1/24, the fees will increase by several thousand dollars.

Alpaca, please get these 1099 forms out.

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Mine has finally come in.

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Same. I received mine yesterday as well.